Grief/Loss Therapy

Have You Recently Experienced: 

  • Loss of loved one 
  • A relationship break-up
  • Loss of pets
  • Loss of health – through illness or accident
  • Loss of items you own – by accident or through theft
  • Loss of familiar surroundings – moving cities, countries, or job through redundancy or position/status in life

If you're looking for guidance through your grief or an ear to listen, I can help. 


Experiencing grief and loss hurts. It is painful losing someone special or something important to you. Many emotions and physical reactions occur when under the stress of grief.  You may feel numb, not certain how to grieve or wonder if you will ever manage life well again.

It is important to know that grief is normal when loss has occurred. Strong feelings of sadness and anger usual diminish after time. However, if things are unbearable and don't seem to be manageable, I can help.

I provide compassion, understanding and a friendly environment for you, and nothing you say will ever be judged. 


Counselling Sessions

I will help you understand and assist you through your feelings of loss and grief to enable you to continue with regular activities and gain your life satisfaction back, while honouring the memory of your loved one.

I have been assisting people with overcoming grief and loss since 1995. My approach is an evidence-based therapy and counselling method for when you struggle with thoughts and emotions that do not let you function as you want to.

I hold the knowledge and experience that helps people overcome the grip that grief has on their life. I'll journey alongside you, using practical skills and tools to guide you to mastering grief.


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“Very impressed, extremely easy to talk to, put at ease, very hopeful, thank you so much Andrew” - anon client.