Addiction Therapy

  • Have you used drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling or gaming more than you meant to in the last year?
  • Have you felt that you wanted to cut down on your use in the past year?

A positive response to either of these questions may indicate an addiction.


What is Addiction?

Addiction is revealed by peoples’ habitual substance or material use, despite experiencing damaging or harmful consequences to themselves or loved ones.

People with addiction have a strong pull to using a substance(s) or material, such as alcohol, gambling, gaming, or pornography. The pull is so strong that it consumes their daily focus. It continues even as they are aware it is harming themselves and people close to them. Counselling is an essential part of any addiction recovery.


Experienced Counselling:

I use brief intervention counselling to help you overcome your addiction and lead a productive life.

Brief intervention counselling can help you to reduce or completely stop your use. In addition, you can deal with the harm that the addiction has caused, and discover why the use started.

I use a range of evidenced based counselling models and skills of counselling to help you. These may include exploring and enhancing motivation for change, behaviour change strategies, acceptance and commitment therapy strategies, and solution focused brief therapy strategies.


Don't let addiction control your life. Reach out and get the help you deserve today. 


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“Very impressed, extremely easy to talk to, put at ease, very hopeful, thank you so much Andrew” - anon client.




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