Online Sessions During The COVID-19 Crisis.
We are offering secure online individual and couple’s therapy as we face the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Specialising in Couples and Marriage Counselling, Individual and Family Therapy.
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We are offering secure online individual and couple’s therapy as we face the Coronavirus pandemic.

Counselling Christchurch

As a counsellor, I am passionate about restoring relationships, marriages, and personal wellbeing. I'm an experienced therapist specialising in couple counselling, relationship counselling, anxiety counselling, and depression counselling.

I provide support and a way through for couples, individuals, and families when they are struggling with tough times of stress and conflict.

I will help you to learn new coping skills and strategies, fresh ways of understanding your difficult situation. Together we'll develop solutions to help you experience success personally, in your relationships, and at work.

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Couple Counselling

Offering assistance and guidance to couples who need to break negative cycles, help with a difficult situation, or to rebuild communication within the relationship.

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Individual Counselling

I work with individuals through a range of problems, and can offer assistance in creating actionable solutions, or simply listen to what you have to say. Each individual is different, and I work however you're most comfortable.

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About Me

Trust and comfort between clients and myself is of utmost importance in my service. You can read here about my qualifications, process, and personal experiences, and get to know a little bit more about me.


All clients have remained anonymous.

“I would recommend Andrew to any of my friends or colleagues. He is extremely professional and very caring! We feel very lucky to have had him as our counsellor!”

“Very impressed, extremely easy to talk to, put at ease, very hopeful, thank you so much Andrew.”

“Andrew is incredible, worth every minute”

“Andrew was wonderful to talk to, very approachable and had good understanding around my issues with some great talking points as well as really good plans for going forward. I'll definitely see Andrew again if I'm in need of assistance.”

“Very helpful, I feel a lot better about my work and relationships and am much happier in my life.”

"Andrew supports couples to be together in more loving and positive ways."

"I've seen many counselors in my time, and Andrew is by far the best of the lot. He has a great way of helping you get right into the heart of where the issue stems from and ways on how to alleviate it and how to stay mentally/emotionally fit. It's been 9 months since I've seen him, and I still use his advice daily."