What if I just want someone to listen, not to give advice?

Some people like an empathetic listener, some prefer getting actionable solutions. Depending on your situation and your personal needs, I can provide either. You will be in a safe, secure and comfortable setting, and anything you say will be free from any judgement. 


What is counselling or therapy?

Counselling seeks to improve relationships and personal functioning. It does this for example through relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Counselling assists people to have a new perspective and process of thinking, way of feeling, and method of problem solving. Changes occur in the way people think and feel about themselves, others, relationships, and activities they are involved in. Counselling is a treatment option for relationship issues, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, grief, and addiction. Some studies suggest that combining medication and counselling may be more effective for people with moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety or depression.


What is your office address?

196 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch.


What happens when I come in?

Initially, an appointment is arranged by phone or email. At the first meeting, you are invited to let me know your concerns, why you have come to counselling, and what you want out of counselling. I will ask what you have already tried to do to resolve the issue(s) that have brought you to counselling and what professionals maybe currently involved in supporting you. Depending on the reason for attending counselling there may be a questionnaire or worksheet to fill out either during or between appointments. I will use one or more of the evidenced-based therapies used for individual, couple, or family therapy that will best fit you for the results you want to achieve.


What about confidentiality?

Counselling is a confidential working relationship that is a purpose-driven conversation between counsellor and client. Counsellors are ethically bound to protect client confidentiality and the professional boundary of the counsellor/client relationship. These ethical requirements assist in having an environment that is safe and secure for when deep self-disclosure is helpful.


How frequent are sessions and how long will therapy last?

Before meeting with you it is difficult to know how many sessions and how long therapy will take as it depends on many factors.  A good rule of thumb is to commit to three to six sessions. We will review at that point and decide whether further appointments are needed. Most commonly people come in once weekly. Usually, individual appointments are for 50 minutes and couple appointments are for 75-80 minutes. However, depending on your circumstances appointments can be for longer, or more or less frequent.


What is your cancellation policy?

Please provide more than 48 hours’ notice of cancelling or rescheduling an appointment so someone else in need of an appointment can be offered that time. The following is our guideline for the cancellation of appointments:           

0-48 hours notice - FULL FEE REQUIRED

48 hours notice or more - NO FEE


What is Acceptance & Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is psychotherapy grounded on evidence-based research into how the human mind works. It has been clinically proven to be effective and successful in a wide range of psychological and clinical conditions such as anxiety, depression, workplace stress, PTSD, chronic pain, psychosis, anorexia, and treatment of substance abuse. One of ACT’s key themes is learning how to accept those things that are out of your control while committing to changing those things that can be changed to have a better life. During therapy appointments, you learn new skills that help improve your quality of life through mindfulness skills and self-compassion. You learn and develop the ability to do what is useful and workable for a rich and fulfilling life. Through new skills, you develop flexible ways of dealing with painful thoughts and feelings. You get to clarify what is important to you and act in a purpose-driven way.


Do you offer Supervision as well?

Yes, I do offer this service. Human Service organisations have found professional supervision adds value to their organisation through staff and managers experiencing a reduction in stress, clarity in direction of work, and building resilience. Supervision can be provided for counsellors, social workers, teachers, youth workers, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pastors, administrators, engineers, doctors, business professionals and managers, peer support workers, community support workers, education facilitators in prison and community, student counsellors and social workers. I provide supervision/mentoring in person at my office, and through Skype for professionals in other regions of New Zealand and overseas.


I'm looking for Employee Employment Assistance Programme (EAP) - is this something you help with?

I am not taking referrals for workplace EAP from  Stratos, Benestar, Vitae, OCP, EAPworks, Instep, and Eudoxia. I am only accepting appointments with full private fee-paying clients. If you want EAP to cover your appointment costs please contact another counsellor through your workplace EAP. 


If your workplace is not with one of these EAP providers then you can ask your employer if you can use me as your preferred counsellor or supervisor/mentor. You can refer your employer to this web page or they may contact me directly. All I need to proceed with appointments is the employer billing information and the number of hours approved. I can then have confidential counselling or supervision sessions with you and invoice your company.


I don't know what to do with my life, or where it's going. Will counselling help me?


Are you struggling with life’s big questions, unsure of what your life’s direction is, or not sure what is important to you and are experiencing an aimlessness to what you are doing? I can help you discover what is important to you and assist you to move in that direction for a rich and fulfilling life. 

I will help you understand and move through your confusion and uncertainty to enable you to become clear about your meaning and purpose in life. I hold knowledge and experience that helps people find direction and purpose in their life. Book a session with me today and we can discuss your direction and any problems, and fears of lack of passion you're facing. 



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