Anger Management

Signs of Struggling With Anger:

  • Overreacting to what others say or do/difficulty calming down
  • Losing your temper with a partner, friend, workmate, or stranger
  • Relationship problems and breakups
  • Viewing other people’s actions, intentions, or motivations negatively
  • Frequently experienced by others or self as being constantly negative or stressed
  • Anxious, tense, stressed, and wound-up
  • Verbally/physically abusive


What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion we've all felt at some stage - it helps us stand up for ourselves when scared and when there is danger to our physical safety. It becomes an issue, however, when we constantly feel anger, or when it starts to negatively affect our lives or the lives of those around us. 

I can help when anger gets transferred into behaviour that is abusive and violent. 

When you are angry you may feel like you are being controlled by your emotions and losing control of what you say and do. You might get angry at a person (partner or colleague at work), at a situation (traffic going slow), or sitting on stress or worry about a personal concern.

Together, we will help you control and understand your anger, and I will assist you to have effective and safe/respectful communication both at home and at work.

You may choose to have a quick anger management fix or longer therapy resolving the core issues of where the anger comes from.


Experienced Counsellor:

I am one of the most qualified and experienced anger management counsellors in the South Island. I have had men (directed by the family court), and women (directed by CYFS) sent to me because of their domestic violence. I have also worked with victims of domestic violence.

I was selected to participate in a national hui of experienced anger management counsellors to share what is effective in helping people to change their behaviour when they are angry. I have worked successfully with children, adolescents, and adults since 1999 in managing people’s anger and conflicts.

I am up to date with the current most effective and efficient ways for managing anger that is affecting marriages, relationships, and work places. My approaches are evidence-based therapy and counselling methods for anger.


Together we can learn to manage your anger so it is an asset rather than a relationship and career liability.


If You or Others are Experiencing Anger:

  • Being out of control

  • Having an impact on your relationships and on important parts of your life

Then talk to me so you can learn how to be in control of your anger, rather than live with anger controlling you.


Treatment & Counselling For Anger in Christchurch

If any of the above anger experiences sound like you, then counselling is your best way forward. Counselling or “talk therapy” is often used to learn how to manage anger and use tools to control this emotion before it becomes out of hand. Depending on its severity treatment can take a few weeks or more. Generally, significant improvement can be made within 3 to 12 sessions. Above all, it is important to treat every dimension of your life to promote positive mental health in the long-term. 

Winchester Counselling practices therapy with strengths-based, client-oriented methods that help to build a strong foundation in all parts of the person’s life to treat clinical depression. Since 1999, Andrew Winchester has been assisting people with anger management and counselling in Christchurch.


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Very helpful, I feel a lot better about my work and relationships and am much happier in my life.” - anon client

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