A Bit About Me:

I grew up on a farm in New Zealand where I helped after school and on the weekends. After secondary schooling, I studied accountancy and worked in that area for a few years. During my studies in 1986, I started practising mindfulness meditation to help with stress and stay focused.

In 1995 I felt the pull towards helping others emotionally and changed career paths from accounting to social work and counselling. 

Since then I have focused on working with people to create positive changes in their personal, relationship, and workplace lives. In 2013, I completed a master’s degree in education with first-class honours that was focused on learning and applying evidenced-based counselling models.

My current interests are tennis, tramping, camping, and spending time with family and friends. I've been married since 1999 and have three beautiful children. 

I am dedicated to helping you achieve personal, relationship, and workplace goals. I've been told on multiple occasions that I make people feel at ease, and am easy to open up to. 

I enjoy working with people from a wide range of backgrounds. If you need help, or an ear to listen, book a session. 


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After only several sessions with Andrew I noticed changes in the way I was dealing with things. The process of explaining my situation to someone who wasn't immediately involved like friends and family are, helped me realise my own perspective and goals. Andrew made a non-judgemental environment where I felt comfortable discussing anything. - Amy.