Woman kissing boyfriend on cheek


I spend most of my time in this field, helping couples through issues with communication, intimacy, stress, trust, affairs, selfishness, negative patterns, parenthood, violence, addictions, and more.

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Sad man on couch


I will help you understand and assist you through your feelings of anxiety, enabling you to continue with regular activities, gain your life satisfaction back and eliminate or reduce symptoms.

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Sad woman walking


Experiencing depression can have you feeling helpless and hopeless. Together we can work through your emotions and thoughts. My methods vary from patient to patient - we can create a plan together, or I can simply listen to what you need to say.

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Angry man sitting


Anger is an emotion we've all felt at some stage. However, it becomes an issue when we constantly feel anger, or when it starts to negatively affect our lives or the lives of those around us. I can help control and understand you anger.

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Old woman grieving


Experiencing grief and loss hurts. It is painful losing someone special or something important to you. I can help you through the stages of grieving, and together we can ease the process for you.

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Light at the end of the tunnel


People with addiction have a strong pull to using a substance(s) or material, such as alcohol, gambling, gaming, or pornography. Don't let an addiction rule your life, we can discover the root of the issue together.

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girl on computer


We offer effective professional online counselling for individuals and couples. Online
supervision is also offered for therapists wanting to be certified in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.

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